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Drawing upon years of experience in medical practice and a passion for improving patient-centric healthcare solutions, Dr. Saliman is recognized as:

  • Healthcare thought leader
  • Serial entrepreneur
  • Innovator in motion
  • Knee preservation specialist

thought leader

Explore the  impact of Dr. Saliman, a world-renowned speaker and expert in knee preservation, through his array of conference presentations, published papers, and enlightening podcasts.

Driving change through

The Saliman Knee Preservation Center

Driven by a passion for knee health, Dr. Saliman founded a state-of-the-art medical practice dedicated exclusively to the care and preservation of the knee. With modern techniques, cutting-edge technology, and specialized professionals, the practice provides top-tier treatment and a tailored approach to each patient’s needs.


Striving to transform the healthcare system, Dr. Saliman founded OutcomeMD, a company dedicated to enhancing doctors’ ability to efficiently and effectively care for patients. By utilizing medically valid Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) measures, both patients and clinicians can now gain a comprehensive understanding of how symptoms evolve over time, enhancing their collaborative medical decision-making process.

Ceterix® Orthopaedics

Determined to provide patients better knee preservation solutions, Dr. Saliman founded Ceterix® Orthopaedics and later sold it to Smith & Nephew. The company’s mission is to maintain knee health. Their tools enable surgeons to repair untreated or traditionally meniscectomy-treated tears, reducing future risks like arthritis.

Leading with innovation

Step into the future of orthopedics with Dr. Saliman’s patented solutions and cutting-edge techniques that are setting new standards. Dr. Justin Saliman’s groundbreaking and award-winning innovations, including the NovoStitch Pro Meniscal Repair System and the Circumferential Stitching technique, are reshaping the field of knee preservation.

Revolutionizing the
healthcare system

Determined to improve the healthcare system for both patients and providers, Dr. Justin Saliman founded OutcomeMD, a software that allows doctors to provide more efficient and effective patient care.

OutcomeMD uses medically valid Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) measures to score and track patients’ symptoms in a way that they love. As a result, the patient and clinician can now fully understand how symptoms change over time and improve their shared medical decision-making process.

Knee preservation specialist

Orthopaedic excellence

Pioneering work in knee preservation, driving advancements in knee surgery and care. Thousand of surgeons all over the world are applying his innovative technique.

meniscus tears

Dr. Justin Saliman invented the Edison Award winning “Novo Stitch Pro Meniscal Repair System” and the “Circumferential Stitching” technique.This unique treatment allows him to arthroscopically sew all meniscus tear types including those previously considered difficult or impossible to sew back together.

Repairing pediatric
meniscus tears

Depending on the tear’s location and severity, treatment options for pediatric meniscal injuries range from conservative management to surgical intervention.

Medial arthritis

Specialized in knee joint-preserving, minimally invasive techniques, Dr. Justin Saliman helped develop the MISHA Knee System. Collaborating since 2008, he contributed valuable expertise to this groundbreaking implant. The MISHA System, an FDA-approved revolutionary technology, can significantly reduce the painful effects of osteoarthritis.

ACL tears

Dr. Justin Saliman brings his expertise to the forefront in treating Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tears, a common and significant knee injury. With a focus on preserving both the ACL and meniscus, his approach ensures comprehensive care and optimal outcomes for patients. From innovative surgical techniques to personalized rehabilitation plans, Dr. Saliman is dedicated to restoring knee stability and function fully.

Outcome tracking certified

Dr. Saliman measures all of his patients’ symptoms and knee-related quality of life before and after surgery. This allows him to track how they change over time.


While all doctors should be doing this, the vast majority do not objectively measure and keep track of this data, so they don’t really know what about their treatments does and does not work. Below are some examples of Dr. Saliman’s great results. Each tile displays a patient’s initial and latest follow-up scores, which are independently measured and authenticated by a software called OutcomeMD.

Real stories
of recovery

“Dr. Saliman gave me hope that I could continue with activity and function without having to do a full knee replacement”

Kim Johanson

“Dr. Saliman gave me hope that I could continue with activity and function without having to do a full knee replacement”


Kim Johanson


Our locations

The Saliman Knee Preservation Center

8436 W 3rd St, Suite 800,

Los Angeles, CA 90048

OutcomeMD Headquarters

9000 Sunset Blvd,

West Hollywood, CA 90069 

Patients fly in from all over the world to have their meniscus repaired by Dr. Saliman


8436 W 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 9004812

Patients fly in from all over the world to have their meniscus repaired by Dr. Saliman

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