September 2023


 5/5 Richard H. Friendly greeting. Honest appraisal from the doctor with solutions presented. Can’t ask for anything more. One of the best. Submitted 10/27/22  5/5 Evangelina J. Excellent service Submitted 10/20/22  5/5 Norberto V. I’m very grateful to have found Dr. Saliman, he gave me hope of preserving my meniscus, and my …

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 5/5 Srinivas Y. I reached to dr Saliman for opinion on my torn medial maniscus Dr looked at my MRI and showed where the tear was and explained my options Submitted 01/06/23  5/5 Cheryl A. Felt really good about our meeting. Knowledgeable, ethical and genuinely caring. Thank you! Submitted 01/04/23  5/5 Michael …

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 5/5 Evangelina J. I had a wonderful time with Dr J Saliman, Very accommodating, He listens well to all my complaints about my pain on my left knee Submitted 03/23/23  5/5 Timo Jan Erik P. My meniscus was torn. The first Dr I visited said I need surgery and it’d only take 15 …

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 5/5 Timothy M. Dr. Saliman is very responsive and good at answering questions. Submitted 05/23/23  5/5 Rafael C. I loved how Dr. Saliman developed a comprehensive scale to access my current R knee condition. It was refreshing to rate questions that detailed my limitations or deficits (i.e. prolonged standing in place or going …

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 5/5 Allen H. The Zoom call worked well. Look forward to our next call when you have my Digital MRI results. Submitted 07/28/23  5/5 Patrick T. Surgery was very easy to schedule Submitted 07/25/23  4/5 Silva K. Very good results so far, 3 months post surgery. Submitted 07/13/23  5/5 Elizabeth T. …

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Patients fly in from all over the world to have their meniscus repaired by Dr. Saliman


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Patients fly in from all over the world to have their meniscus repaired by Dr. Saliman

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